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Deshabandhu Mahavidyalaya as an institute of higher education has a vibrant Alumni Association which is functioning since 2013 to contribute in the developmental process of the college with a mission to make the college an Institute of excellence to provide education and training to the students of the college and youths in the neighbourhood withsincerity. The Alumni Association of Deshabandhu Mahavidyalaya is structured by involving alumni and alumna. It is constituted for the proper functioning of the association in collaboration with the management of the college to reach the goal of excellence through continuous contribution and improvement of the academic and administrative affairs and functioning of the college. The association is headed by the president/ chairperson of the alumni, the general secretary and the deputy secretarywho in turn, continuously helps the chairperson to work out the strategies of developmental works reflection of which shall be obvious and amenable to perception in the academic, administrative areas comprising various functional entities for the purpose of developmental activities in the campus and beyond. The institute is situatedin the extreme northwestborder of West Bengal and beyond that no part of Bengalislocated but the state of Jharkhand (erstwhile state of Bihar). The members of the Alumni Association contribute through participation in cocurricular activities,social outreach and community development programmes, games and sports, cultural activities skill development programmes besides hand-holding for financial support in the functioning of the college under various programmes as mentioned here above. The Alumni Association of the college used to develop various academic support programmes to contribute in social outreach and community development initiatives to reach the unreached so far in the villages in the neighbourhood, to provide health care support, health care education, female health awareness programmes, child health and hygiene programmes(as preventive measures) to avoid health hazards in all possible mannersbesides motivating and encouraging rural women to come forward to form self-help groups for financial independence. The Women’sStudy Center and the NSS unitof the college work with the Alumni Association of the college to literate rural youths to become micro-entrepreneursin non-firm income generation initiatives. The vision of the Alumni Association is to cater to the needs of the people of theneighbourhood villages, to make itself socially relevant for the total development of the society through education for education & training and to bring aspirational youths in this institute of higher education who in turn make themselves knowledgeable to contribute in the economic development in this area.The Alumni Association aims to build an ecosystem of symbiosiswhere the institute shall continuously attractthe youth of the area as an aspirational citizen. The Alumni Association is used to take the initiative to motivate Alumni and Alumna to contribute in the developmental activities through financial assistance as donation to spent the money received asdonation in offering training and education in the field of professional development besides helping needy students to have scholarships from the Alumni Association, providing fund to teachers to participate in various professional organizations and research activities. The Alumni Association provides funds for micro researchprojects conducting professional development programmes for both teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. The Alumni Association of Deshabandhu Mahavidyalaya is also helps the internship and apprenticeship cells of the college to get the students enrolled in business commerce and industries as inter and apprentices to acquire the skills for employment in a specific area of economic activities. The Alumni Association of Deshabandhu Mahavidyalaya is a continuously growing organ of the college, which as an integral part of the college stands with the college to make it a distinctive institute of Higher Education.

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