Rules & Regulations


Students must appear at all the college examinations.
Students are liable to be expelled for misconduct and misbehaviour.
The college runs a unit of National Service Scheme. The students should take part in the programmes organised by the unit.
The students must not use any dress that may offend the accepted code.
Students should be courteous to teachers and staff and amicable to the fellow students.
Students must not enter or leave a class room when the class is on, without permission of the teacher concerned.
Students must keep his identity card with him and show it on demand.
Students must not indulge in any noisy or discorderly conduct in college premises. They must not loiter or gossip in the corridors and classrooms.
Students must not disfigure the walls of the college or damage the college properly or write anything indecent or indecorous on the black board or mutilate library books.
Any obscene and offensive conduct or any activity prejudicial to the academic life and atmosphere of the college will be treated as punishable offence.
A student must attend 75% of the Lectures delivered in each subject. If the attendance falls below 75% but above 60% he/she may appear as non collegiate student. If the attendance is below 60% he/she will be considered as discollegiate and can not appear at University Examination.
Every student have to fill up a bond/undertaking at the time of admission which is given at the time of admission.




Students securing 50% (for boys) and 45% (for girls) marks in aggregate in the Last Public Examination may apply for the free studenship and half free studentship respectively. For enjoying concession 75% class attendance is mandatory.

Privilege will be confined to the maximum of 10% of the students admitted in respective classes on Merit-cum-Means basis. Application for the same will be invited by the Principal soon after the new classes starts. Such application must accompany income certificate of the guardian from proper authority. The college authority may meet the guardian concerned we fare final decision in preparing the benificiary list.